Kenyan Drake “Excited to Continue to Mature” In New Chapter of Career with Raiders

September 10, 2021

Kenyan Drake

Coming off of a season where he posted impressive numbers, Kenyan Drake is looking to iron out any inefficiencies in his game and make a positive impact in Las Vegas. Drake’s immediate stats point to a breakthrough season as the running back posted career high numbers in rushing yards (955), carries (239), and touchdowns (10). Even with the fact that Drake struggled in some categories such as yards per carry and receptions, the 27-year-old is still coming off of a productive season that should give him confidence heading into this new chapter with the Las Vegas Raiders. 

While entering into a new system poses challenges for any player, Drake is confident and excited about the opportunity. While getting used to the new style of offense is often a bit of a learning curve for players entering a new team, Drake is in a unique situation. The traditional pro-style offense that the Raiders tend to rely on is already in Drake’s wheelhouse. In a press conference in August, Drake shared that, if anything, this style of offense would bring him back to his roots. 

“It's kind of getting back to what I’m used to, to be honest. Miami we pretty much had a west coast type of pro-style style of offense, very similar in the way I had it in Alabama as well. It's something that I’m used to,” Drake said.

Though the offense is one he recognizes, Drake’s role within his new team will be different than last year. As a. Raider, he will now be the second running back behind fellow Alabama alum John Jacobs. While being in the RB2 position might deter some athletes, Drake instead thinks about the opportunity proactively. The former Cardinal is excited to work alongside Jacobs and see what the two can accomplish this year and how they might be able to compliment each other. Already, the running back combo seems to be on the right track.

“Josh is great. He has an infectious personality. His running style is obviously infectious as well just because he has this bruising style,” Drake shared. Continuing, Drake spoke to Jacobs’ explosiveness and how it “makes you want to come in and mirror that type of energy.” If Drake’s history of learning from the running backs on his team tells us anything, it is more likely than not that he will incorporate some of this explosiveness into his own game, thereby leaving the Las Vegas Raiders with a dangerous duo in the back field. 

The bottom line for Drake is he is excited. A new chapter always presents new opportunities and the running back is fitting in well with his new team. “I feel like I’m beating a dead horse but [I’m] excited to continue to mature in this offense and see the great things that I know we can accomplish.” If Drake can post similar numbers to last season while cleaning up a few areas of his game that he struggled with in 2020, the Las Vegas Raiders’ run game will be at the center of scouting reports across the league.

The Las Vegas Raiders open their regular season against the Baltimore Ravens on Monday, September 13th at 8:15 PM. 

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